Q: What does "dl" stand for? Is that the same measurement as cups? 
A: Nope! "Dl" stands for deciliter. If you have a problem converting measurements the best thing is to just google it, like this, for example: "2 dl in cups", and you'll see the answer straight away.

Now I've started writing most of my recipes in grams too and I hope that helps. However, remember that 60 grams of flour and 60 grams of cocoa powder may weigh the same, but that doesn't mean they have the same volume.

Q: Why don't you allow pinning your images to Pinterest?

A: I do! But the thing is I upload all my images to Flickr and most of them are set to private. I'll try to fix this as soon as possible.

Q: Will your book be available is English? 
A: I can finally say YES! It will be available for pre-order by spring 2014 (US). So happy! 

Q: Will your books be available in my language? 
A: I'll keep you posted on this one, so far my first book (the cake book) is available in Finnish and Dutch, but it will also be available in German and French!

Q: Why haven't you answered my e-mail or comment?
A: First of all, I try my best to answer all e-mails but sometimes there is not enough time. Either that or I simply didn't see your mail. If you have a question that needs to be answered quickly, I suggest writing on my facebook page!

Q: What camera/lenses do you use?
A: I use a Canon eos 5D mark II, a canon 50 mm/1.4 lens and a canon 100 mm/2.8 macro lens.

Q: Vart kan jag köpa 15 cm bakformar?/ Where can I find 15 cm/6 inch baking pans?

A: I Sverige kan du köpa dem här / In Sweden you can buy them here:
Lyckas med mat
Bagaren och kocken

Other great stores:
Leila's General Store