Q: What does "dl" stand for? Is that the same measurement as cups? 
A: Nope! "Dl" stands for deciliter. If you have a problem converting measurements the best thing is to just google it, like this, for example: "2 dl in cups", and you'll see the answer straight away.
Now I've started writing most of my recipes in grams too and I hope that helps. However, remember that 60 grams of flour and 60 grams of cocoa powder may weigh the same, but that doesn't mean they have the same volume.

Q: Will your books be available is English?
A: I can finally say YES! My cake book will be published in November this year! It's already available for pre-order here! My ice cream book is being translated right now and will be available some time during 2015. My third book will be available some time during 2016. Look in the "My book" section for more info!

Q: Will your books be available in my language?
A: I'll keep you posted on this one, so far my first book (the cake book) is available in Finnish, Dutch, German and French, and my ice cream book is available in German and French.

Q: Why haven't you answered my e-mail or comment?
A: First of all, I try my best to answer all e-mails but sometimes there just isn't time. Either that or I simply didn't see your e-mail or comment. I manage this blog, Facebook, instagram, e-mail and everything else by myself. If you have a question that needs to be answered quickly, I suggest writing on Call me cupcake's Facebook page!

Q: What camera/lenses do you use?
A: I use a Canon eos 5D mark II, a canon 50 mm/1.4 lens and a canon 100 mm/2.8 macro lens.

Q: Vart kan jag köpa 15 cm bakformar?/ Where can I find 15 cm/6 inch baking pans?
A: I Sverige kan du köpa dem här / In Sweden you can buy them here:
Lyckas med mat
Bagaren och kocken

Other great stores:

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